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About me?

I served in the United States Army from 1998 to 2001 in the Chemical Corp,  54 Bravo, hooah! Stationed at Ft Polk, LA, I was chem reconnaissance, RECON 4 LIFE! Spending all 3 years at Ft Polk,  I went from radio operator to driver to section sergeant driver to 1st Sgt driver, man I drove and still drive to dang much.  I went out and detected chemical agents to reroute soldiers when an area was contaminated.  After the military I worked odd jobs and workin' those late hours and being a single mom, I worked my hardest to receive my Bachelor's in Web Design and Interactive Media.  Well, in technical terms it's Bachelor's in Computer Science in Web Design and Interactive Media.  Man, that's a mouthful. I use this skill to not only create G.E.E.K.S. and E.P.P. logos, maybe folks like 'em, but I also use mah skills to create flyers, videos, audio, and the website for the show; along with websites and commercials for other people behind the scenes.  I do all of it, except the answering of my own questions, unless that's a True Crime segment or G.E.E.K.S.earch segment and that's just a.. well, y'all know... yeesh... :P With the knowledge I have of video and audio editing. Having multiple management experiences with team-leading positions helped me build my way in this industry.  I love my family and am family-oriented, spending a lot of my time with my family and dogs and I've been told I'm very gifted in crafts and photography.  

Exploring the Paranormal Perspective is a podcast headed by Moi, a funny, capable woman who loves to have fun but knows when to be serious.  I've also been called stubborn and various other.. ahems.. lol.  I'll be speaking and have spoken to well-known and some not-so-known guests in the paranormal and horror genre or give the deets of a True Crime/Cold Case and even tell the history of a haunted place, person, or thing complete with humor, hilarious bloopers, and conspiracy theories.   I love 'spreading light on the paranormal' by seeing the funny side of the darkness...and the serious side of the investigation. What brought me into the paranormal?  Well, let's see... 


General Ectoplasm Exposition & Knowledge Society, otherwise known as G.E.E.K.S. Paranormal (Geeks Paranormal), is an Oklahoma-based group.  I founded Geeks Paranormal in 2012  after a conversation I had with teammate Kelley Preston.   Later I recruited dear friends Holly and Becca, (who have decided that wasn't really for them, but then years later I recruited Debi Thorson.  We're focused on the research, investigation, documentation, AND HONESTY of paranormal activity. G.E.E.K.S. was formed to help those in need that believe they are experiencing paranormal activity, think they're going crazy with what they're seeing, or just need some assurance. Geeks Paranormal uses many different types of equipment to gather evidence that is then presented to our clients. We respect all religions and beliefs and attempt to work any cleansing rituals based on the client’s own spiritual belief system.  We are not afraid to say we do not know something and call on outside opinions or experts. We are known for our integrity and attention to detail. 


Having suffered many team changes over the years, Geeks Paranormal has learned to become flexible and adaptable.   At the current time, we are an all-women core team of three.  Shauna, Kelley, and  Debi. We have honorary members that we occasionally consult or team up with as well... These include Darren Evans, (Ghost Adventurers, ZOZO Phenomenon)  Jason Alexander (The ghost guy), Padre (er) Father Casey Scruggs (demonologist/exorcist), and Adrian and Tina Scalf (paranormal investigators with 16 years experience, Ghost Adventures, Booth Brothers Soul Catchers).   

I  work very hard each week with video editing, making commercials, writing scripts, etc to make the best possible show I  can make for your listening and viewing pleasure, and I have a blast doing it!  Thank you for spending your time with me and for letting me know what you'd like to hear about!  MUCH LOVE and keep hangin' in there like a hair in a biscuit!!!!

   ~Shauna (Sha)

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